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WWE Raw TV Report 10/13/08: Anaheim, CA

······································································································································································ Date: Tuesday, October 14, 2008 —— Comment: Reactions —— Discuss: Forum

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-HBK in a stylish new WWE apparel comes to the ring. Shawn says he will not be calling the match down the middle, but more so would make it official for Jericho to win, so he can get shot again at the World Heavyweight belt again, and it would also be the worst night of his live. Strong, effective, and then with Shawn throwing in a good one liner into the presidential campaign and attacking Chris in the end was good heat for him and the crowd too see.

-Jericho goes to the back comes back out and says Batista will be facing HBK tonight.

- Shawn vs Batista, is about to start but turns into a LumberJack match thanks to Y2J. Way too much going on here and quite long for me to comment in full. I will say it started out quite well, had some minor slow spots mixed in with stalling in between commercial breaks and weak throw outs to the lumber Jacks. HBK's stiff fist to Domino was funny. Dave was the pure workhorse in pushing and dominating the match for 2/3rds of the match but Shawn was selling his rear end off. Outside lumbers got involved and ended with a Henry attempt only to get speared by Dave. Shawn SCM to JBL and Dave gets the win? Would of been better had not been for the Lumber stipulation but a handshake ending to hopefully these two really go at it one more time.

by Molly of All Things Clique Forum

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