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More on Chris Jericho talks about the fued with Shawn Michaels

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Chris Jericho is in the train of promoting his new reality show and counducted several interviews and the recent is with wherein he mentions Shawn Michaels. Below is the transcript.

One of the things Jericho is proudest of since returning to the company last November has been his program with “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels.

“I enjoyed it huge,” says Jericho, who lost a tooth in a recent ladder match with Michaels. “It was one of the favorite things I’ve ever done. The fact that it started out as a short-term transitional thing and ended up being the highlight and cornerstone of the show for seven months is a testament to how we were able to play it. And when I say ‘we,’ I’m talking about me and Shawn and Vince and the fans and everybody. It was just a real team effort to put that program and that storyline together.”

The amazing interplay between the two was, by far, the most intriguing angle on WWE television in recent months. The program allowed Jericho to hit his stride again after taking a couple years off from the business.

“Shawn and I had a lot of input, which made it even more real,” he says. “Nobody knows our characters better than ourselves. When you get to this level, you’re almost looked upon to create. Nobody gives us a piece of paper and tells us this is what you’re going to say and this is what you’re going to do. We had a lot of ideas, and they were all kind of spun through the system and added to and subtracted from. It created this great storyline. I think people at times didn’t know if it was a storyline or it was real. They weren’t quite sure because there were so many layers to it. It was played so much differently than most other angles. And you could tell that. I think that’s why people really got into it. I was excited that we were given the ball all the way to the point I was given the title as a result. And that was never planned to be when we first started this. You just never know where the twists and turns are going to be.”

by Mike Mooneyham of

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