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2 Fan Reports and Photos: Shawn Michaels Meet and Greet with Autograph Signing Appearance in New York Sports World at Massapequa, NY 12/28/08

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Hi Georgie-

I trekked out to Long Island for the HBK signing today and wow, what a crowd. Light traffic getting out there and back from NYC so that was a relief. I got there about about 10:45 am for the 1:00 pm signing. Already the VIP line had about 10-12 people on it and the general admission line had at least 30-40 people on it. VIPs went first and maybe around 11:30, they moved VIPs into the very large signing area (the inside waiting area looked to be about 2-3 mall stores that had been gutted out and were empty). We were approximately #15 on the VIP line and they looked to have moved appox 200-250 people into the inside waiting area. However, there must have been another at least 200-300 non VIP people waiting outside the inside waiting area as the line seemed to be never ending throughout the entire second floor of the mall. With only a 2 hour signing time, I can't imagine that those people were accomodated (even though they moved people very quickly).

Anyway, HBK arrived a few minutes early and the signing began. They permitted you to take pictures with your own camera. HBK was in a great mood, signed my items beautifully, in the correct color pens. Everything moved quickly and orderly. I give them credit for being able to handle such an extraordinarily large amount of people, HBK is a legend in the business and it was awesome to meet him. Thanks to New York Sports Works for the opportunity, Rose in particular who was really nice in person and on the telephone. If they brought in another huge name, I would not hesitate to go out there again.

NYC Mike.


Hi Georgie,

Taylor and I attended the Shawn Michaels signing at New York Sports Works in Long Island today. Got to the mall at 10:30 and there was a line a mile deep. Probably a few hundred people already. We saw a few friends of ours Lucas and Mike and were told by them where to pick our tickets up. Our tickets were ready and we headed back upstairs to get on line. VIP's were lead into a signing area first where we waited a bit more until 1245 when the signing began. The line went pretty quick and before we knew it we were next. HBK was very friendly to us. Among the items I was getting signed was the RF shoot interview that Shawn did many years ago and he remembered doing it. He told me that everything in the wrestling business is a shoot. Shawn signed all of our items with nice big signatures and was very happy to be there. He couldn't do enough for you. The signing itself was very well organized and the staff was very helpful. Kuddos to them for a job well done. I want to thank Lucas and Mike for all their help today. Thanks guys we owe you one. Also thanks to NYSW for a job well done. Also a thank you to HBK himself for showing me and Taylor so much hospitality today. Just a side note, when we left the mall there must have been a thousand or two people on line waiting. The HBK line stretched from the signing all the way to the mall entrance which was a long distance.. It was an incredible sight to see.

Raymond and Taylor Dutczak of Yonkers NY


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