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No appearances are scheduled at this time. Check back soon.


On Sale Shawn Michaels Merchandise on WWE Shop and EuroShop plus Upcoming Shawn Michaels WWE Action Figures

······································································································································································ Date: Thursday, December 18, 2008 —— Comment: Reactions —— Discuss: Forum

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sent in a word that Ringside Collectibles has released a list of upcoming WWE action figure series from Jakks Pacific that includes a series of Shawn Michaels action figures. Below is the lists.

Deluxe Figures - Series #20
12'' Maximum Aggression #6
Unmatched Fury - Platnum Edition #13
Unmatched Fury - Platnum Edition #17
Build'N Brawlers 3 3/4'' Figures - Series #8

Check out and purchase Shawn Michaels action figures at Ringside Collectibles!

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