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WWE Raw TV Results and Photos 12/01/08: Washington, DC

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Backstage Segment with DX

DX is doing another shopzone ‘commercial’. This time they have the toy elimination chamber! HBK rants about how long it would take to put together all the other gifts
all night but the kids want the elimination chamber. He goes into a maniacal rant! In the end he says that they only want to play with the box! (Check out Shawn Michaels Official Superstore here!)

In-Ring Segment with Shawn Michaels and JBL

Lilian announce a Street Fight. JBL comes stomping out, no limo, as he loosens his tie and looking pissed. Video of JBL booting Morrison in the head last week. JBL says that last week he hadn’t heard back from him, so he challenged HBK to a Street Fight tonight. Now he wants HBK’s answer. “HBK” chants. HBK comes out in jeans and a tree
camo shirt. JBL smiles and says HBK has a choice. He can fight JBL or give JBL the answer he wants. JBL says his wife saw this crash coming. JBL put his money in gold and was prospering while HBK was following the heard and lost everything. He lost his 401K, his nest egg and his kids’ college find. He looks at his wife and kids and wonders how he’s going to send them to college. JBL has the answer. He wants JBL to work for him. There’s always an alternative. HBK can wrestle until he’s 50 or 60. He can work in high school gyms and still be trying to make a buck. All the money he’ll make off his DX T-shirts will not compare the offer he made to HBK. HBK is not the picture of health. One more and HBK could be done. HBK just stares at JBL, looking very cross eyed. “HBK” chants. JBL says he’ll help him and his family out. Since HBK wouldn’t answer him last week, what’s it going to be? JBL takes off his hat and tells HBK to go ahead. Since he entered he’s wanted to kick him in the face. He has the free shot. What does HBK want? He screams at HBK to take it! JBL puts his chin out for it. JBL says they’re chanting his name. Huge “HBK” chants. If HBK takes the shot the offer is off the table forever. HBK looks like he’s about to cry. His cowboy boot is twitching. HBK turns and starts to leave to huge heat from the fans. HBK does leave the ring and looks back at JBL. HBK walks up the ramp to heat from the fans with his head held low. JBL says he looks forward to doing business with HBK. HBK leaves goes out back.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat

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