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HBK: On His Way To Gold at WrestleMania?

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When Shawn Michaels and JBL first entered into their feud, I anxiously awaited it to be over so WrestleMania could get going. After all, WWE does nothing better than they do their main PPV every year, and for any WWE wrestling fan, it's something to look forward to.

Being a huge HBK fan, the idea of possibly seeing a match between The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels was a great one. Sure, it's been done before plenty of times, and for my money they won't ever top their classic Hell in a Cell match, but that doesn't mean I don't want to watch them try.

Going into Survivor Series, everything was on target. HBK, his team winning, and Shawn being appreciated by the fans as the legend that he is. I figured HBK and JBL would have another match and be done with their mini feud.

Then came Raw, and JBL's strange save of HBK. Fans were left baffled (a long with Michaels, apparently) and a little "JBL" chant broke out.

In the weeks to come, the reasons started to come out. Shawn Michaels was apparently broke and JBL made him an offer. I, like many others rolled my eyes at the storyline not being believable and started to hope it'd be a quick one.

When WWE pulled Triple H into the picture, they pulled me in too.

I'm not really fond of HHH, but his offer to his best friend a loan of money was partly what this storyline needed. Knowing HBK and HHH are tight in real life, him not offering help was too strange, so once they made him offer, I was into the storyline a bit more.

Later that night, Shawn's way of helping JBL win his match, by slapping his face, made me realise they weren't doing such a terrible job.

Next weeks Raw upped the level of intrigue by showing that whilst remaining strong and pinning both Chris Jericho and Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels still had to deliver the results his boss wanted. JBL wanted to win the match, HBK let himself get nailed with the clothelines from hell and get the victory.

HBK playing the torn character was amazing here. Really pulling out all the stops to incite the crowd to plead with him not to let JBL win.

Yet again, last week's Raw did another great job of furthering the storyline. Having Shawn and John Cena team up, even though JBL wants Michaels to hurt Cena. The idea that Shawn could easily betray Cena at any time was well played.

Michaels several times looked to be thinking about it, but refrained so that in the end, he and Cena got the victory. A good touch by Cena was to stay out of the ring when he wasn't sure if he could trust Michaels.

And finally we come to this week's Raw: a fantastic match up between Shawn Michaels and John Cena. Again, not knowing if Michaels could be trusted or not and having JBL on the outside.

He aides Michaels ever so slightly in winning the match, as HBK walks after after his tainted victory against the WHC as JBL stands tall over a fallen Cena.

That leaves the contract signing next week. Something that should be interesting.

However, I'm here to speculate on what *could* happen from the Rumble up until WrestleMania.

JBL has already stated that Shawn Michaels only role in the Rumble will be to help him win the title. Michaels has never let JBL down yet, even if he has his own way of doing things. But whatever JBL's wanted—he's got. So will he get the gold from Cena? I say, why not?

I imagine HBK will be conflicted. He knows he has to deliver what JBL wants, yet at the same time, he likes John. His been a nice guy to him recently and he doesn't really want to cost him the gold just to let JBL win it. But his income depends on it.

So maybe the best scenario is to have Shawn Michaels interfere in the match but not in the final outcome. HBK can cause a slight distraction during the match that maybe gives JBL the upper hand for a short time, but when it comes to match nearing it's end, Michaels just can't betray Cena.

But JBL pulls a victory out of the bag and walks away with the title. He's got what he wants, to go to WrestleMania 25 as the champion.

But the night isn't over. Because there's still a Royal Rumble to get out of the way. And imagine in Shawn Michaels end up being an entrant into the Rumble? Would it be impossible for HBK to pull a win out of the bag after the role he's been on? Not at all.

HBK wins the Rumble and then it starts—Shawn Michaels vs JBL for the WHC at WrestleMania 25.

I don't have details of what could happen between the Rumble and Mania, maybe JBL makes HBK put the title shot up for grabs at the PPV in-between (whatever it is, I can never remember), but Michaels still wins. JBL isn't that happy, but is confident that a victory over his employee won't be too hard for him.

That's when HBK has to rebel and start showing that he wants the gold, he wants to take it from JBL at Mania and be the champion again.

I believe Shawn Michaels can do it if he wants to. The crowd would love the idea of Michaels turning on JBL and getting revenge for all he's done. WM's in Texas so he should be a favourite there too (I know JBL's from Texas too, but really, he's not a crowd pleaser is he).

So could it happen at WrestleMania 25?

Could Shawn Michaels really walk away with the gold?

I don't see why not.

HBK's been talking of retirement recently and if next years Mania is to be his last, I can't think of a better time for him to win it, one last time.

I think Vince McMahon would like to thank HBK for all his hard work (especially last year) and I can't see anything better.

So let's see HBK with the gold.

One last time.

by Alice Grace of

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