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WWE reveal Top 20 rivalries

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THE WWE have published a book their best wrestling rivalries of the last 20 years.

The company selected a panel of 50 experts to come up with a Top 20 and the final list, as with all releases, was signed off personally by Vince McMahon.

We have printed the full chart below. Come back next week to see our personal favourite feuds and you can also post your own thoughts in our MySun forums.

The book’s list only includes matches that took place in the WWE – which was formally known as the WWF – and within the last two decades.

Therefore wrestlers who have never worked for Vince McMahon – such as Sting, Samoa Joe and Kenta Kobashi – do not appear, nor do legendary stars from the 1960’s to the 1980’s including Bruno Sammartino, Superstar Billy Graham and Andre The Giant.

Instead WWE Showdowns celebrates some of the biggest names in modern history with multiple appearances for D-Generation X members Shawn Michaels and Triple H, The Rock, Steve Austin, Undertaker and Vince himself.

Author Jeremy Roberts said: “Looking at these showdowns is in many respects a meditation on the recent history of sports entertainment.

“From Hogan to Batista, from Flair to Mysterio, the rivalries reveal the trends in wrestling’s unique form of storytelling.”

He jokingly adds: “Long-time fans are probably already screaming at the injustice done to their favourite rivalries, and to sports entertainment itself.

“Undoubtedly, they can name half a dozen better feuds from the same time period.”

The final list, in the historical order of when the rivalries took place, is:

Hulk Hogan v Randy Savage

Mr Perfect v Ric Flair

Bret Hart v Steve Austin

D-Generation X v nWo

Shawn Michaels v Mankind

Shawn Michaels v Bret Hart

Undertaker v Kane

Steve Austin v Vince McMahon

Triple H v The Rock

The Rock v Steve Austin

Edge & Christian v Hardys v Dudleys

Chris Jericho v Stephanie McMahon v Triple H

John Cena v JBL

Randy Orton v Undertaker

Matt Hardy v Edge

Rey Mysterio v Eddie Guerrero

Batista v Triple H

Edge v John Cena

D-Generation X v The McMahons

Undertaker v Batista


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