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Jim Ross mentions Shawn Michaels in his latest WWE Universe blog; J.R.'s latest Q&A mentions

······································································································································································ Date: Monday, February 09, 2009 —— Comment: Reactions —— Discuss: Forum

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Thanks to MHO visitor Mac-Mac from USA for sending the ff. news. Jim Ross mentions Shawn Michaels in his latest WWE Universe blog.

I felt for Shawn Michaels on Monday night as he had to endure the world's longest Performance Review in corporate history from the lovely and talented JBL. HBK vs. JBL is going to happen at N.W.O. with the stakes financially high, but I like Michaels' chances especially in this big match scenario. However, something tells me this story is far from being told and might not have a happy ending. The ongoing saga between the moneyed former Texan and the unmoneyed current Texan has been interesting to follow on Monday nights.

Also, Jim Ross updated his latest Q&A and answered several questions from fans regarding Shawn Michaels. To read, click read full story link...

Question from kappasigsteve.

Q: Hey JR! First off, let me say that I always enjoy reading your Q&A. Your opinion really matters to me. Second, what is your take on the HBK / JBL match-up? Do you think their feud will be resolved before Wrestlemania (No Way Out perhaps?) or are they destined to collide on the grandest stage of them all? I’m an avid supporter of the HBK / Undertaker match-up at WM25, but it seems as if all roads are leading to HBK / JBL. The encounter between HBK and Taker at the Royal Rumble still gives me hope, but I’m not too optimistic. If you were a betting man, where would you rest your money? HBK/JBL or HBK/Taker? Thanks! Steven - Ruston, LA
A: I don't see JBL vs. HBK at WM25 but that doesn't mean it won't happen.

Question from R.J..

Q: Not that it matters but how old is the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels?
A: Over 21 and responsible adults.

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