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Kevin Eck mentions Shawn Michaels;'s 2008 Dot Net Awards for Best Pro Wrestler

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Thanks to MHO visitor Tin Tangent from Italy for sending the ff. news.

Unfortunately Shawn Michaels didn't bagged the award and came in only at No. 2 behind Chris Jericho on's Dot Net Awards for 2008 Best Pro Wrestler however, heres a notable quotes from reporters Rich Twilling and Jason Powell on their thoughts regarding the award.

Rich Twilling's thoughts: While I would love to look in the direction of Nigel McGuinness or Bryan Danielson, this award most definitely goes to Shawn Michaels. Michaels was absolutely amazing this year in (and out of) the ring. His WrestleMania match with Ric Flair was one for the ages. He elevated everyone he was in the ring with and deserves this award going away. Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, and Edge were not far behind.

Jason Powell's thoughts: I had a conversation with someone who works in the industry earlier today. This person, whose opinion I respect greatly, noted that John Cena has had his best matches with Shawn Michaels. I made the point that just about every wrestler has had his best matches with Michaels, and the person I spoke with did not disagree. Michaels was the most consistent in-ring performer in 2008 and it wasn't even close. He had memorable matches with every major performer he stepped in the ring with. He had the difficult task of giving Ric Flair the type of sendoff he deserved, and he stepped up and delivered a masterful performance in true Mr. WrestleMania style.

Thanks to MHO visitor Jude from UK for sending the ff. news.
Kevin Eck of Baltimore Sun's Ring Post mentions Shawn Michaels in his latest blog.

The performances by JBL and Shawn Michaels continue to make their angle compelling despite the flaws in logic. The stipulation for their match at No Way Out is that JBL basically owns Michaels for the rest of his life (and beyond, according to JBL) if he wins. I think Michaels should contact a lawyer because I’m pretty sure slavery has been abolished in this country. …

One more observation on JBL-Michaels: Why would JBL think that Michaels is a “broken-down old man” who he can easily defeat when Michaels just defeated Cena and almost beat him a second time? …

With Orton, Michaels and JBL involved in singles matches, the Raw elimination chamber match does not have the star power of the Smackdown match, but I like that there are some new faces in there in Kingston and Mike Knox.

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