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Sweet Chin Music to our ears; Shawn Michaels post-match interview

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SEATTLE – After months of fighting a moral battle within himself as JBL’s employee, Shawn Michaels finally broke free from the grasp of the self-made millionaire. Playing the time-tested tune of Sweet Chin Music, HBK defeated his former boss to win their All or Nothing Match.

(Rebecca Photos)

Preserving ownership of his namesake and earning himself a “buyout” from JBL, The Showstopper is now no longer under contract to the Longhorn Loudmouth.

The economy has been hard on all of us in the WWE Universe, and HBK was no exception, which placed him in an unfortunate predicament regarding the well-being of himself and his family.

As always, the business connoisseur that JBL is, he stepped in to lend an unlikely helping hand to The Showstopper, fully aware that acquiring the services of a living legend such as Michaels would be quite beneficial in attempting to become World Champion once again.

Given his financial turmoil, HBK had no choice but to accept the offer from JBL with his family in mind, but he never knew that it would be so hard and that his sense of morality would be put to its limits.

Finally, just weeks ago on Raw, Layfield offered HBK the release from his contract, as well as a full payment of what is left owed on the contract, but in return, his name and likeness would be on the line for the self-proclaimed “wrestling god” to win in an All or Nothing Match.

Seemingly with no other choice, Michaels accepted the challenge and the chance to be free from the tyrannical reign of JBL as his employer, but when that fateful night came at No Way Out, it was anything but easy.

After listening to salacious comments made about his wife Rebecca, and JBL demanding The Showstopper to have her at ringside to watch his downfall, Mr. WrestleMania might have had just enough fuel and inspiration to overcome all odds once again.

HBK and JBL fought tooth and nail, with Michaels giving everything he had within him to ensure that he beat his boss. The Showstopper’s livelihood was on the line, as well as a monetary sum that could help ensure his family’s welfare.

When all the dust settled, HBK stood tall once again with Rebecca close by his side, keeping his name from exploitation and defeating the Longhorn Loudmouth with a pin in the center of the ring after connecting with Sweet Chin Music.

The only question left is, after this defeat and losing, perhaps for the first time ever, in a financial situation, will the self-made millionaire seek retribution by exacting revenge on HBK? Only time will tell, and you can find out what happens next, Monday on Raw at 9 p.m. ET.

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