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WWE Raw House Show Report 03/13/09: Odessa, TX; Jim Ross latest blog mentions Shawn; 1999 Shoot Interview of Shawn Michaels Part 9, 10, 11

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Thanks to MHO visitor Geneviv from USA for sending the ff. news.

WWE Raw House Show Report 03/13/09: Odessa, TX
Shawn Michaels & Rey Mysterio defeated Chris Jericho & Kane. Mysterio hit the 619 on Kane and Shawn hit sweet chin music on Jericho for the win. Shawn got the biggest cheers/pop of the night and Rey and Kane came as follows. Jericho got the
biggest boos/heat of the night from the live crowd. It was a great show and It was my first time to attend a live show and luckily I met Shawn *wink*

Also, Part nine, ten and eleven of the video installment feature of Wrestlezone featuring the 1999 Shawn Michaels Shoot Interview has been posted! Part 12 will be posted later today (Friday). Part one, two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight click here.

And lasty, Jim Ross mentions Shawn in his latest Smackdown This blog. To read, click the read full story link below.

Just for my money, there might not be a match at WrestleMania more eagerly anticipated than the one-on-one between Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. Both men are sure-fire “first ballot” HOF’ers and as HBK pointed out Monday night, Undertaker has never defeated Michaels. Do you remember their epic Hell in a Cell Match? These two Superstars will likely never meet again in an environment such as WrestleMania. For me, simply as a fan, this is a “must-see” match, just as last year was when Ric Flair had his farewell match in Orlando at ‘Mania ironically thanks to HBK.

No one that I can recall has ever been a better “big match” wrestler than Shawn Michaels, but one could argue that Undertaker is “right there” being 16-0 at WrestleMania. 16-0 is freakish when one really thinks about it and breaks down all the stars that have lost at WrestleMania events but are, as they should be, still considered legends. “The Streak” will never be approached in my opinion, and if anyone can beat ‘Taker it’s Mr. WrestleMania.

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