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Top 25 Golden Moments of WrestleMania; Possible Spoiler about Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania 25

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Below is a recent article on WWE.Com fearuring the Top 25 Golden Moments of WrestleMania where in Shawn made four (4) Top Golden Moments than any other superstars! WOW!

#2: WrestleMania XII
The history between Shawn Michaels and WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart is well documented, but at WrestleMania XII, these two ring warriors battled for an hour in a WWE Iron Man Match. And when time ran out with neither picking up the win, overtime was called for, with HBK fulfilling a boyhood dream by becoming WWE Champion. Watch HBK's greatest matches...

#5: WrestleMania XIV
On this fateful night in Boston, Shawn Michaels put his WWE Championship on the line against the up-and-coming "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, with Mike Tyson as the special enforcer on the outside. When push came to shove, Stone Cold hit his patented Stunner to capture the gold and usher in the Austin era in WWE.

#14: WrestleMania XXIII
The one-time tag team champions did battle at WrestleMania 23, with John Cena defending his WWE Championship against "Mr. WrestleMania," Shawn Michaels. In a match built on conflicting in-ring styles, HBK submitted to Cena after a second STF proved to be too much fo even The Showstopper.

#18: WrestleMania X WrestleMania X
will always be remembered for the Ladder Match between Shawn Michaels and Razor ramon. With each man claiming to be Intercontinental Champion, both titles hung in the balance high above the ring. Razor Ramon capitalized on an HBK mistake to climb his was to gold and victory.

And lastly, The ff. news is from WrestlingObserver.Com.

Most consider the strongest storyline to be The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels, which is also expected to be the best match on the show. Part of the reason is Michaels has been hands-on regarding the creative aspect of the build, like he was in the Chris Jericho feud. The other strength is that the two of them had a good idea for a long time that this would be the match, and there have been no changes in creative aspects to the match since the decision was made. The key to the story is Michaels getting the better of Undertaker at every turn, and in doing so, getting into his head in a manner that nobody ever has. Every time Undertaker goes for revenge, Michaels sneaks away. On the final show, with Michaels doing an interview with a mock funeral parlor, the lights went out, and Undertaker was in the ring. However, Michaels disappeared. Undertaker thought Michaels was hiding in a casket, opened the casket and he wasn’t there. Undertaker was then frustrated and sold it big. Then Michaels came from under the casket and superkicked him one last time.

The major spoiler is below!

Michaels has been walking about more gingerly than in the past, as his knees are in really bad shape. It’s speculated that he may need even more of a schedule break, if not time off, fairly soon.

This SUCKS!! Shawn might loss to Taker because Shawn is injured?? WTF!? No way!! HBK should win no matter what!! If you know your history, Shawn was screwed out from his Championship at WrestleMania 15 against Stone Cold because of his back injury. WWE let Stone Cold won in that match because Shawn has a bad back injury that time and NOW this ugly scenario might happen again because Shawn has a knee injury. This is so UNFAIR!! NO WAY!! Shawn Michaels is MR. WRESTLEMANIA so I would expect WWE should be smart enough and let Shawn wins because he deserves it more than Taker!! Shawn Michaels is more popular and more famous than taker!! HBK SHOULD WIN!! HBK!!

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