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Kevin Nash mentions Shawn in recent article/interview; 1999 Shoot Interview of HBK Part 12-15; Spoilers for tomorrow's Smackdown episode and next week

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Kevin Nash mentions Shawn in his recent article/interview by TheBristolPress.Com.

Shawn Michaels saw Nash on television and went to WWE owner Vince McMahon and said he should bring the big man aboard immediately.

“Shawn was a little guy and he saw me as the perfect complement to him because I was a gigantic big guy,” Nash said. “The combo of the two of us was pretty much unstoppable.”

Nash debuted in the WWE as Diesel and was Michael’s bodyguard that would interfere in matches on his behalf. While he didn’t find himself wrestling all that much in the early going, Nash still ended up getting one heck of an education.

“I ended up learning from the best ever” Nash said of Michaels. “It was on the job training.”

Anyone who followed wrestling closely back in the late 1990’s was aware of a group of wrestlers that collectively became known as “The Kliq” backstage in the WWE. The group consisted of Nash, Michaels, Scott Hall (Razor Ramon), Sean Waltman (X-Pac) and Hunter Hearst Helmsley (Triple H).

At the time, wrestling was still driven by bad guys vs. good guys and that was supposed to be carried out at all times, including traveling together.

“To keep up appearances, the last thing you wanted to do was drive to a match with a guy you were feuding with,” Nash said. “But me, Shawn and Scott Hall decided we would drive with who we wanted to. We were on the road so much that we just decided to make it as enjoyable as possible. Sean and Hunter came in later and the five of us traveled everywhere for two years together.”

Nash said the controversial group was just a bunch of guys that loved the business.

“It was just a collaboration of guys that lived wrestling.”

Next, Part twelve, thirteen, fourteen and fifteen of the video installment feature of Wrestlezone featuring the 1999 Shawn Michaels Shoot Interview has been posted! Part 16 will be posted tomorrow (Thursday). Part one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten and eleven click here.

And lastly, Shawn Michaels both appeared at the 500th(03/20) and next week(03/27)episode of Smackdown that taped this week at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas and which will be air tomorrow 03/20 and next week 03/27. For the full spoilers, click the read full story link below.

(Spoiler 1) Air-date: March 20, 2009: Shawn Michaels defeated Kane with Sweet Chin Music.

(Spoiler 2) Air-date: March 27, 2009: Shawn Michaels came out to cut a promo on The Undertaker. Shawn was dressed in white mocking Taker and said he represented the light while Taker represents the shadows. Shawn quoted scripture from the Bible and talked about he will be Mr. Wrestlemania and end Taker's streak.

Noteworthy: HBK got the biggest and loudest cheers and pops in both episode from the live crowd.

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